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Types of Debit/Credit Cards currently accepted for online payment are Visa Card and Master Card .You will not be able to use other credit/debit cards to make online payments. We may choose to add to these methods or remove any of them as deemed appropriate. The system will issue a notification whenever such changes are made.

Each time you submit a transaction request, you authorize us to initiate a payment request in your name on your account, payable to us.

You may not stop payment of electronic fund transfers once you have confirmed a transaction; therefore, you should not employ electronic payment for services unless you are satisfied that you will not need to stop payment.

We will not be in a position to update or change personal information, such as, but not limited to, name, address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, with the financial institution issuing the credit card/smart card. Your payment request will result in a non-authorization if you enter personal information different from that on the credit card/smart card.

To protect your privacy and security, we will not capture your card details on our system.

Your ability to make payments online may not be fulfilled if the system cannot verify your identity or other necessary information. You must have a valid user id and password to be able to access the system and make online payments.

You authorize us to keep a record of the electronic transactions that you, or any person acting on your behalf, conduct on the system, and to keep those records as long as we consider it necessary. If our records about a payment are different than your records, our records will govern

Any documentation provided to you, which indicates that an electronic payment was authorized and completed, shall be admissible as evidence of such transfer and shall constitute prima facie proof that such transfer was made.

We will not be responsible for performance failure as a result of power failures, equipment malfunctions, and suspension of payment by a bank, refusal or delay by a bank to accept the funds transfer, war, emergency conditions, fire, earthquake or other circumstances not within our control. These difficulties may extend the time when payments are credited.

We shall exercise good faith and reasonable care in processing your payments. You shall similarly exercise good faith and reasonable care in observing and maintaining security procedures on your card.

No Fee will be refunded in case you leave the course after admission.

Principal Desk

The newly built school building is a modern piece of architecture consisting of all modern amenities to inculcate cherished values, to evolve &develop a complete personality and to transform the nascent mind into a literal fountain head of ideas. With individual tender care, in an atmosphere which stimulates the mind to explore, understand, learn & appreciate the finer aspects of life as a whole. Also to infuse the confidence and the courage to cross all obstacles & meet the challenges head on.

Shanti Gyan International Sr. Sec. School has carved wishes for itself in a short span of time and aims at the holistic development of the students, in a healthy environment under the guidance of qualified and dynamic teachers. Here teaching is not just a set of instructions but an experience which goes beyond books and class room learning. The students are taught the necessary skills, attitudes and aptitude thus preparing them for life.

We believe in making a difference EVERY DAY!

I look forward to seeing you and help your child grow and evolve into a successful human being GOD BLESS and HAPPY LANDINGS.

Vision & Mission

At Shanti Gyan International School, "Education for all" is of great importance. Our Vision is to provide education to students coming from economically backward families as well. In other words this school intends to bring good quality education to the doorstep to each & every individual

It is our mission to blend the strong cultural fundamentals and other traditional systems with advanced modern learning tools, thus providing a new direction in world education. We also ensure that in a safe, tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment, all students shall have ample opportunity to :

  • Acquire habits of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, independence and self-discipline
  • Attain skills and attitudes which will make them fit for life in the rapidly changing world of a new millennium
  • Fulfill their academic, cultural, sporting and social potential, including the achievement of optimum academic results
  • Maintain openness and respect in the face of racial, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity
  • Develop a confident understanding of what they and other individuals can and should achieve for themselves, for the environment and for international society.

Philosophy and Pedagogy

Education for civilised existence. Education is the process of developing in a systematic way the intellect of the human being, such that he is capable of assimilating, understanding and deciding the course of action to achieve a pre-set goal.At Shanti Gyan International School, "Education for all" is of great importance. Our mission is to provide education to students coming from economically backward families as well. In other words this school intends to bring good quality education to the doorstep of the poor as well.A highly qualified trained staff, guide the children to think, reason and develop independent problem solving skills.Our staff is dedicated and work in a missionary spirit. Teachers are willing to devote themselves to the noble cause of spreading education which is the aim of Shanti Gyan International School.

A Nation is built in its Educational Institutions The object of teaching a child is to enable him to act independently with confidence and unfold his capabilities to learn with interest. Tests and examination are conducted in order to assess the progress of the child. Stress is laid on giving individual attention to each student for class room study and to complete home work assignment. Each section is of 15-20 students and efforts are made to provide enough stimuli and cultivation of mind and not mere cramming of books for examination. The focus is on enabling the child to develop self learning skills during class room teaching rather than compel a dependence on private tuition, techniques are constantly introduced to make the teaching learning process more effective and enjoyable